Important Healthy Fats Sources for You to Know and Choose

We must know healthy fats sources. Lots of people avoid fat. Though the body still needs fat. However, it is definitely not bad fat. We need healthy fats. For that, we must know what healthy fats have.

Important Healthy Fats Sources for You to Know and Choose

Healthy Fats Sources that You Can Choose

Health is something we must take care of. Health becomes an expensive thing when before we never take care of our health. For that, we really have to think about health.

One way to think about health is to eat healthy fats. The following are healthy fats sources that you can choose from.


The first healthy fat food is Avocado. Apart from having healthy fats, this fruit is also high in fiber so it is good for digestion. Avocados contain an unsaturated fat called oleate.

This oleate has anti-inflammatory properties. This anti-inflammatory can prevent cancer. Well, of course, this content is very beneficial for the body.

Chia Seeds

The next food that you can choose is Chia Seed. Maybe this one food doesn’t really taste like other foods. Given its fairly small size.

However, these foods contain healthy fats that are good for the body. Chia seed also contains antioxidants, fiber, protein, iron, and calcium.


Tofu is also one of the foods that have healthy fats. One serving or 100 grams of tofu contains 4 grams of unsaturated fat. This amount is able to meet the needs of 10% calcium.

Dark Chocolate

The next food that contains fat is Dark Chocolate. The fat in these foods is able to meet the needs of the body. However, it must be with the right dose.

You also have to be careful in choosing the type of chocolate. Remember, a lot of chocolate uses added sugar. If you consume too much it will not be good for the body.

Olive Oil

Olive oil contains unsaturated fats which are good for the body. Unsaturated fats from Olive Oil are very good for the heart. You can replace margarine and the like by using this healthy fats sources.


Eggs are also good food for the body. You can choose eggs as a protein addition. This egg has many important benefits for you to know.

Egg yolks contain vitamin D, choline, and B vitamins. With these ingredients, egg yolks are very good for the health of the liver, muscles, nerves, and muscles.

So, those are healthy fats sources that you should know. Choose the food that is most suitable for your body. In addition, with so many foods you can also choose the one that best suits your taste.